With Del Mastro’s resignation today, it now will take only 8 more MPs for the CPC to lose its majority.

We’re a third of the way there.


In our latest update, we missed a resignation!  Calgary Centre MP Lee Richardson resigned June 6, 2012.

This leaves the party standings at:

CPC - 164 minus Bev Oda minus speaker Andrew Scheen = 162

NDP - 101

Liberal - 35

BQ - 4

Green - 1

Independent - 2

Total non-CPC: 143

Potential losses still include Vic Toews to the Manitoba Court of Appeal and Ted Opitz to election irregularities, which would leave the CPC with 160 to the opposition parties’ 143.

This still leaves us with only 9 Conservative MPs required to vote against their party to make any vote 152-151 against the CPC.  The loss of a Conservative MP does not have the same weight as a Conservative who votes against the party, since it doesn’t contribute to the opposition vote - but 9 is not a very large number!

Parliament resumes sitting on September 17th. This leaves less than two months to convince 9 Conservative MPs to break ranks and vote against their party on offensive bills.  Let’s do this!

approaching 3 down, 9 to go… #itonlytakes12

Last week, cabinet minister Bev Oda gave up her seat.

This week, Etobicoke Centre CPC MP Ted Opitz could lose his due to voting irregularities.

And soon, the much-reviled Vic Toews could be handed a patronage appointment as his ticket out of the House of Commons.

So it will only take 9 more Conservatives to stand up against Harper.  There are already a few who have been unhappy with the omnibudget bill:

Vancouver Island MP James Lunney, who should have known what he was voting for, has recently spoke out against cuts in his riding (though he misdirected his anger towards bureaucrats, hopefully someone has pointed out to him that his party is to blame).

While he’s since backed down, it’s well known that Kootenay-Columbia MP David Wilks is unhappy with the budget, and might be willing to step up again now that he only needs 8 friends to stand up with him.

And though he’s since backed down from such comments, New Brunswick Southwest MP John Williamson has implied opposition to at least part of the budget, and to large parts of Bill C-30.  

Speaking of Bill C-30, let’s not forget Dufferin-Caledon MP David Tilson and Calgary MP Rob Anders have both expressed their concerns about it too.

Think we can find them four more friends?

CPC MP John Williamson opposes his own party - again

CBC today reported ”Oda’s travel expenses cause dissent in Tory caucus.”  Once again the person speaking out about it is John Williamson, who you might recall spoke out against bill C-30.

Perhaps he and David Wilks could get together and find 10 friends?