CPC ad 2006: “How is it that hundreds of millions of dollars go missing & no one’s in jail?”  

Now it’s billions of dollars, and still no one is in jail.

Opposition to Bill C-30 grows

This evening in Vancouver, NDP MP Libby Davies hosted a forum on Bill C-30.  A few key points for the It Only Takes 12 campaign came out of this:

  • The bill was put on the back burner recently - after it was sent to committee, no plans have been made as of yet for actually bring it up in committee.  This doesn’t mean the bill is dead, but it will certainly be slowed down, allowing for more time to build opposition.
  • There are now almost half a dozen Conservative MPs who have mused about their own opposition to this bill - while no names were presented (beyond the one we already reported on, and David Tilson and Rob Anders), this is a sign that there are cracks that can be taken advantage of.
  • OpenMedia.ca received a letter a few weeks ago (we missed this, sorry!) from a group calling themselves “Principled Conservatives,” expressing their discontent with this bill.
  • Libby Davies stressed that she believes this is the issue that is “winnable” against the Conservatives and their agenda.  Of all the bills and issues the Conservatives are putting forward, she believes that C-30 will be the first one the Conservatives are forced to back down on.

If you know of any Conservative MPs that might be opposed to this bill, or have in the past opposed measures like this, contact them now, and let us know (using the Submit link) who they are so we can share this with everyone!

Demonstrations against voter suppression THIS WEEKEND

There will be nationwide protests against the alleged electoral fraud that occurred less than a year ago.  There are numerous seats in question as a result of voter suppression tactics - get out and support this cause.  A list of rallies is posted on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/181631648613672/